The Best Cooking Shows On YouTube

Ever since the dawn of the creation of television, one genre of TV shows has always been omnipresent on our screens. And that genre is, of course, cooking shows! Nowadays, this particular brand of TV shows has made its way into the vast realms of the Internet. You may find a long list of diverse cooking shows being streamed on popular streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu. But if you’re looking for other options that don’t include any subscription fees, then YouTube is almost always your best choice.

The popular video platform has paved the way for chefs, both amateur and seasoned alike, to share their passion with the world. From baking artisans to frying maestros to sautéing masters to shows revolving around torturing your tongue with spice to burger-only channels, the following are some of the best cooking shows on YouTube to watch during this lockdown period. 

Binging With Babish

This is one of the better channels for beginners, especially as the man himself (Andrew Rea) started as a relative beginner recreating famous dishes from movies, TV shows, video games, and media. Plus, the channel also has an entire series dedicated to teaching some beginner-friendly topics — aptly called Basics with Babish. So if you’re someone who is looking to break into the cooking sphere, this is one channel that we recommend as you’ll learn plenty of styles of cooking from making bread to crafting the perfect short ribs.

Joshua Weissman

From the non-professionally trained to a certified trained professional chef we go. This next entry is all about Joshua Weissman, a master in recreating everyone’s favourite comfort food with the caveat of making it better, which coincidentally (or not) is the name of one of the most popular series on the channel — called But Better.

Imagine the McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets or one of the Hut’s famous pizzas or even some snacks like the Oreo cookie. Joshua aims to teach you how to make these popular household names, well, at home but with more taste, spice, and flavour, AND with easy step-by-step instructions.

Moreover, the channel also delves into some of the things that beginner cooks struggle with, as well as a series revolving around making cheaper meals. If diverse cooking content is the name of your game, this YouTube channel is perfect for you.

Jamie Oliver

Who doesn’t love Jamie Oliver? Not a certain orange-polo-shirt-wearing, Asian caricature on YouTube, apparently. But we digress.

While he is well-known for television appearances, popular restaurants helmed under his name, and a line of excellent kitchen utensils, Jamie Oliver also has a YouTube channel that focuses on helping beginner cooks to learn the absolute bare minimum for cooking. On the channel, the man himself does everything to show the viewers how to make a variety of meals — from breakfast to brunch to lunch to dinner and more. He even has a ton of Vegan options for people to choose from too!

The great thing about Jamie is that he explains things so simply and calmly, that you can’t help but feel enamoured by his classic British charm while you’re first starting to cook.

Gordon Ramsay

Yes, the foul-mouthed, hot-headed, internationally-known legendary chef himself (and Jamie’s fellow Briton) has a YouTube channel and it is definitely as popular as you would expect it to be. Thankfully, there’s not much yelling in any of these videos as you are given the rarest of opportunities to learn how to cook from the famous chef via simple and straightforward demonstrations.

And if you were wondering if all Gordon Ramsay recipes were fancy, well, you’d be surprised by the depth of the recipes he’s presented to the audience so far. From making the perfect grilled cheese to teaching the basics of cooking the perfect steak, Gordon is really just there to help impart the skills and wisdom to you, despite his reputation as an angry individual in media.

Excluding his on-screen persona, there’s a reason why Gordon Ramsay’s food is so popular — he certainly knows what he’s doing.


On the topic of diverse content, Tasty is one of those channels that have somehow managed to squeeze a ton of fun and unique challenges into their videos each and every time. The subsidiary of Buzzfeed received such a welcome response that it became an offshoot of the brand by getting its very own channel. As for the content, there are a variety of videos to choose from ranging from simple recipe videos to unique premises including making the same food three different ways or trying to make mundane food fancy or even making normal food big.

There’s just something so entertaining about seeing someone making a huge chicken nugget in this day and age, wouldn’t you agree? 

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