Oh Boy! Another Bubble Tea Joint!

Oh! Boss Café is without a doubt, a pink (the colour, not the singer) fan’s paradise, for the Taman Mount Austin bubble tea shop is splashed to the brim in the colour.

Pink’s The Word

Upon stepping foot into the café, your vision will be assailed by the bright pink pastels Oh! Boss Café has come to be known for. From a ball pit full of rosy-tinted, well, balls to hot pink neon typography signage to all sorts of vibrant pinky photo props, you’ll instinctively be reminded of the similarly-themed Urban Space café in Seoul.

Make no mistake about it, Oh! Boss Café isn’t just a one-trick (or colour) pony. The bubble tea shop/café is an Instagrammer’s dream come true with an unbearably cute, camera-ready space available for a splendid session of selfies galore. 

Once you’ve grown weary of taking IG photos, take a seat and order something from their menu to recharge. Off the top of the list, desserts like egg waffles paired with refreshing beverages like fruit teas, juices, milk teas, and smoothies will deffo hit that sweet spot.

Address: No.16, Jalan Austin Heights 8/7, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru

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